6 benefits of accreditationAccreditation comes in all shapes in sizes, but at its core, it can be defined as “a process of review that healthcare organizations participate in to demonstrate the ability to meet predetermined criteria and standards of accreditation established by a professional accrediting agency.

[1]” This intricate process, which often starts with the basic application and ends with an on-site survey[2], can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, so it’s always important to keep in mind what you’ll gain from your status and that you aren’t alone and that the rewards you will gain from becoming accredited are worth the journey. Whether you are a locally owned specialty pharmacy or a large health plan here are six major benefits of becoming an accredited healthcare organization.

6 Benefits of Becoming Accredited & Some Exciting News!

1Mark of Excellence

Your accreditation status shows clients that you have achieved the highest quality of care possible

2Drives Efficiency

Accreditation drives efficiency by making sure that your staff not only excel in their duties but your standards and policies are up to date and up to code.

Untitled 3Builds Trust & Recognition

Your accreditation status can help to instill trust and build relationships, not only with your patients but also with manufacturers, healthcare providers, and payers. Essentially you are telling your clients and patients that you are devoted to high quality service and care and that they can trust you.

4Increases Profitability

By helping to streamline business practices accreditation success can come in the form of a more effective way of running your company. According to the Joint Commission, “By enhancing risk management efforts, accreditation may improve access to and reduce the cost of liability insurance coverage.”

5Organizational Improvement

Smaller organizations often benefit from the implementation of formalization and standardization, while larger organizations benefit from the implementation of a sense of consistency. No matter what size your organization is, accreditation is the perfect tool for improving internal process and making you valuable to payors and patients.

6The Competitive Advantage

While accreditation in healthcare remains voluntary for most organizations, such as pharmacies, it has become a tool payors often use to weed out organizations. It’s important to remember that as the shift in the marketplace leans towards accreditation, organizations that remain unaccredited could be left behind and your accreditation status may be that competitive edge you need to acquire new business.

[1] Accreditation Commission for Health Care, What Is Accreditation

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