icd-10, coding, healthcareOctober 1st is here and with it arrives ICD-10. Whether the looming implementation date of the new codes sent your organization into a state of urgency or the date felt like a non-event, ICD-10 is here. There will be a strong focus on the transition to ICD-10 in the coming months and we know it isn’t going to be easy, as resources and employees get allocated to fix errors and educate staff. It’s important to remember that focus and communication will be key to get through the ICD-10 era. To help make this transition less overwhelming we have complied a list of seven last minute tips to help you successfully transition to ICD-10.

1. Familiarize

Get familiar with the ICD-10 codes, the sooner the better. Knowing those codes inside and out can save you time and mistakes!

2. Communicate

Hold regular meetings to discuss challenges regarding ICD-10 roll out throughout the next few months to identify and tackle problem early.

3. Monitor ICD-10

Measure and monitor your denial rate to see if additional training is needed.

4. Educate

Educate. Train. Implement. Ensure that all staff are trained for I-10 Implementation. Keep your staff up-to-date, trained. Continuous training and education could be the key to your I-10 success.

5. Utilize

Utilize your resources. It doesn’t hurt to brush up on the all the goodies you’ve collected over the past year. From the CMS Quick Start Guide to our blog post “ Top Ten Resources: The Best Resources in One Place.” Utilize the free resources! The American Hospital Association has a great last minute check list that everyone should check out: The Homestretch.

6. Breathe

Remember – you are not alone. Ready or not, everyone is working through this implementation. So just breathe!

7. Ask for Help

Don’t forget to ask questions. CMS knows this is a big shift for many organizations and according to their blog, they will be “monitoring the transition in real time, watching their systems. addressing any issues that come to the Coordination Center.” Check out the blog post for more last minute help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, getting help from a outside firm may help make the transition easier.