Ensuring Healthcare Compliance: Navigating the Complexities

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Healthcare compliance is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry, ensuring adherence to federal healthcare laws and regulations. It plays a vital role in preventing fraud, abuse, and waste, while upholding ethical standards for patient treatment. However, healthcare compliance is not a simple or straightforward task.

Unveiling the Truth: The Power of Healthcare Auditing

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Healthcare auditing plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of quality care and adherence to standards within healthcare organizations. By systematically assessing performance, healthcare audits provide valuable insights into areas of success and areas that require improvement. Let's explore the importance of healthcare auditing in more detail.

Significant Risks Beyond Recruitment: Medical Directors and CMOs

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Recruiting and retaining qualified Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officers challenge healthcare organizations of all types. Whether you  employ or contract these medical professionals, consider two recent cases as reminders of potential issues far different than recruitment and retention and considerably more financially damaging. Significant risks beyond recruitment exist and staying informed about new Stark Law rulings pays.

Not Waiting For Capitol Hill: Health System Leaders Move Ahead

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Despite industry uncertainty about the fate of healthcare under the new administration and Republican Congress, health system leaders move ahead and are preparing for the future. A recent Premier Inc. survey show the target areas for improvements within their systems. The results signal growth concerns and why the leaders will not wait for Capitol Hill results.

Successful Delegation To Downstream Entities

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Healthcare organizations face challenges regarding reduction of their medical and administrative costs because regulatory and administrative demands are increasing. Payers and providers must evaluate new partner relationships and solutions for work processes and potentially outsource administrative functions in order to offer competitively priced services to patients. Successful delegation requires planning.

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