How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act? Have you read all 900 pages? Do you know what to expect in the years to come? Below is a quiz to test your knowledge to see if you are an ACA expert. Do You Know the ACA?

Do You Know the ACA?

Large grey lettering with black bordering of the number "2010" Do You Know the ACA?

Do You Know the ACA?

For 2010

  1. The ACA included rules to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to children under _____ years of age due to a pre-existing condition.
  2. The ACA prevented insurance companies from __________ coverage and deems this now to be illegal.
  3. The ACA provided consumers with a means to ___________ coverage determinations or claims and establishes an external review process.
  4. The ACA provided small business health insurance__________ credits which can range up to 35% of the employer’s contribution to the employee’s health insurance.
  5. The ACA eliminated the _______-_____________ condition for those who have been uninsured at least six months because of this condition.

For 2011

  1. The ACA offered  _____________ drug discounts for seniors who reach a gap in coverage when buying Medicare Part covered brand-name _____________drugs.
  2. The ACA provided certain free ______________ care for seniors such as annual wellness.
  3. The ACA established a new Center for Medicare and Medicaid ____________ that will be used for testing new ways to deliver care.
  4. The ACA established that at least _________% of all premium dollars collected by insurance companies for large employer plans are spent on health care services.

For 20122012 with a bar graph and a red arrow swishing upwards.

  1. The ACA established a hospital _________-Based Purchasing program.
  2. The ACA provided incentives for physicians to join together to form _____________ Care Organizations.
  3. The ACA reduced paperwork and ___________ costs.
  4. The ACA provided new _____________options for long-term care insurance.

For 20132013 written in robotic blue text on a black background.

  1. The ACA will improve ___________ health coverage at little or no cost to the patient.
  2. The ACA will expand authority to ___________ payments establishing flat rates for episodes of care rather than individual doctor’s offices.
  3. The ACA will require states to pay primary care physicians no less than _________% of Medicare payment rates in 2013 and 2014.

For 20142014 written in  multi-colored pencil text.

  1. The ACA will prohibit _______________ based upon pre-existing conditions or gender.
  2. The ACA will establish affordable insurance _______________.
  3. The ACA will increase the tax business tax credit to up to _______%.
  4. The ACA will increase access to Medicaid by allowing Americans who earn up to _______% of the poverty level to enroll.

For 20152015 written out in bold, white, font on a black background.

  1. Physicians will be paid based upon _________ rather than volume.

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