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12 Days of Obamacare: Preventive Care

2017-04-02T13:28:48-04:00By |Health Care Reform, Health Insurance, Health Insurance Exchange, Learning Series|

The ACA seeks to increase the quality of care while simultaneously reduce cost. One provision which accomplishes both is preventive care. In keeping with the holiday traditions, we thought it would be fun to focus on the 12 days of Obamacare. As such, On the third day of Obamacare, Obama gave to me: Preventive Care Healthcare Exchanges And an Individual Mandate

12 Days of Obamacare

2017-04-02T13:28:49-04:00By |Care Coordination, Health Care Reform, Health Insurance, Health Insurance Exchange, Healthcare Preventitive Care, Learning Series, Medicare and Medicaid, Services|

Summary: Keeping with the theme of the season, we thought it only fitting to create an article on the 12 days off Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act a.k.a Obamacare was enacted in 2010 with provisions becoming effective through 2015 and beyond. The goals of this legislation are to provide care which is affordable, accessible, accountable, coordinated, and of high quality while reducing healthcare spending. Following are the 12 days of Obamacare:

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