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Independent Review Organization

External Review
Independent Internal Review
Medical Case Review
Peer-to-Peer Review
Physician Advisor

Accreditation and Reaccreditation

Payer and Provider
Specialty Pharmacy Expertise
NCQA experienced

Performance Improvement Consulting

Behavioral Health Integration
Operations – Financial
Organizational Development

Behavioral Health and Medical Review Experts

With our services, BHM promises to deliver accurate, on-time determinations.

BHM provides behavioral health and medical review services and performance improvement consulting
to health plans, providers, ACOs, TPAs, workers’ compensation, and other insurers nationally.

  • Never Stop Improving
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Customer Inspired Evolution
  • Technology Enabled
  • Open Honest Communication

BHM’s Commitment

Our behavioral health and medical review experts excel in the world of improving healthcare processes and streamlining workflow. It’s our passion. 

We fine-tune the engines of clinical, financial, and operational performance for payers and providers through quality peer review services and performance improvement consulting.

Our Purpose, Cause, and Passion: Deliver accurate, on-time determinations.

Payers and providers trust BHM Healthcare Solutions, Inc., because our expertise stems from understanding the inter-relationship between providing care services and handling reimbursements. Most of all, BHM is the second set of eyes seeing the potential for growth and process improvements because of our fresh perspective.

Explore our website. Click HERE to schedule time withone of our experts.

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