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BHM has a proven track record of getting rapid, sustainable results in revenue cycle improvement

Our firm has consistently outperformed the competitors in achieving rapid, sustainable, revenue cycle improvements for our clients.  We understand the revenue cycle, and the complexities involved, and have created an innovative system which pinpoints areas for improvement, and provides best practice recommendations, to achieve rapid turn-around for revenue cycle issues.

BHM Clients have experienced up to 22% improvement in positive cash flow improvements

The Building Blocks of Revenue Cycle Improvement

BHM begins with a thorough assessment of your revenue cycle process, and assists your organization in gathering detailed financial KPIs regarding various aspects of the revenue cycle.  We help your team examine the revenue cycle as a whole, and put in place processes and system improvements that utilize targeted findings to yield immediate results.  On-site visits by our team of revenue cycle experts will be conducted in order to observe process flows, and understand the culture of your organization.

Detailed findings are produced and provided to your firm.  Each of our findings reports will provide your organization with critical data components required to isolate, target, and laser focus on revenue cycle problems within your organization.  BHM additionally conducts a cross comparative analysis of your organizational statistics with those who are top performers within the same sector.  This information will assist your team in evaluating the effectiveness of current revenue cycle processes, and establishing new benchmarks.

Best Practice implementation is then conducted with your team to quickly target identified areas of improvement and bring about rapid financial improvement for your organization.  Our detailed roadmaps to revenue cycle success don’t just take into account reporting, but also address training, processes, and corporate culture providing your team with an actionable plan for success.

Proven BHM Results. Find Lost Income. Improve Cash Flow. Test and Implement Best Practices.

BHM has helped many clients improve their bottom line. We improve cash flow, find lost income, and test and implement best practices helping our clients to succeed.  Find out what BHM has done for our clients:

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