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Program Development Assistance to Give Your Healthcare Delivery System an Edge

BHM has more than a decade of solid program design and implementation experience.  From beginning to end we can assist your healthcare delivery system in evaluating the products and services that make financial sense and implementing programs that achieve the dual goal of patient satisfaction and financial viability.

Our successful program development includes the following:

  • Pre-Development Organizational Assessment – pinpoints areas of opportunity for your organization and your market
  • Markey Entry Assessment – due diligence is performed related to market research including projected need, utilization, cost analysis, pricing forecasts, and strategic partnership guidance
  • Program Development – assistance from start to finish in full program development with actionable implementation plan, timelines, and objectives

We have worked with Managed Care Organizations, Government Entities, and Providers to create value driven programs which benefit patients and drive revenue for organizations including, but not limited to the following:

Healthcare Program Development

Benefits of BHMs Program Development Services

  • Refocus of your organization’s operations and services to ensure that the services you provide make clinical and financial sense for your organization
  • Drive Revenue through programs developed to yield a high ROI for your organization and maximize cash flow
  • Improved effectiveness through streamlined design and deployment of programs
  • Improved Patient Care provided through unique programs targeted to the populations you serve
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