Most Expensive Conditions By Payer; Economic Impact On Society

Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) collected the hospital visits and costs associated with different medical conditions classified by the Clinical Classifications Software principal diagnosis category and compiled a report with the ability of comparing medical conditions. The average hospital stay in the US costs just over $10,700, based on an analysis of recent data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). AMA's latest National Economic Impact of Physicians report provides data...

Economic Impact of Physicians: Data Reflects Job Growth Decline

The AMA's latest National Economic Impact of Physicians report provides data that can be used by key health care policymakers, legislators and thought leaders. It also demonstrates how physician practices both ensure the health and well-being of communities as well as support local economies and enable jobs, growth and prosperity.

Health Plans Encourage Wearables; Few Integrate Data

While health plans encourage wearables, the assessment of the benefits of wearables has been the target of several recent studies. Researches are interested in discovering the “stickiness” of the devices and their effect on wellness program success. The studies note that the Inside employer and payer wellness programs as well as the independent user reflect positively.

Doing More With Less: Positive Cost Containment

Positive cost containment can begin with not paying for down time. Administrative resources dedicated to case and claim processing sit on your books as solid, steady expense while the processing pipeline swings dramatically. Paying overtime when backlogs occur will definitely impact the monthly administrative budgets. A number of other factors also contribute to these swings.

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8 Healthcare Provider Pain Points | What Are Your Pain Points?

What are your healthcare provider pain points? What are you doing to overcome them? What advice can you offer your colleagues? From a provider perspective, healthcare, as we know it, is changing rapidly. At times your head might be spinning when you think about the impacts of the Affordable Care Act as well as other healthcare legislation. How can you be sure the priorities you have established will help you comply and meet all established deadlines? What do you feel are the most critical pain points you are facing? You may be a physician’s office, you may be a hospital or healthcare system, you may be a rehab facility. All of these providers are experiencing similar issues, which vary from one degree to another. Let’s delve into a few of these.

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