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Peer Review Management

BHM Healthcare Solutions deliver access to a nationwide panel of behavioral health and medical doctors to independently review cases and we are still going strong after 20 years. Peer Review System (PRS™) is our Clinical Peer Review Management Software.

Insurers and health systems turn to BHM for complex care expertise.

PRS™, forms the administrative backbone for BHM’s array of behavioral health and medical review services. The web-based interface funnels case information into a standardized summary of patient care, including medical necessity criteria, case status, reviewer feedback, peer review management software, and much more.

peer review management software
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What does PRS™ do?

Simply put, PRS™ stores, organizes, formats, monitors, and prepares cases for Medical Director review. When cases require in-depth reviews, PRS™ minimizes the challenges of collecting and organizing case information from other systems.

Whether using an EHR, in-house case management system, or basic Microsoft Office programs, your organization might be challenged by collecting and  organizing case information for easy, fast, and secure review.

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PRS seamlessly shuffles the content into an easy-to-read, consistent format in a way your Medical Director can quickly and accurately make a determination before their deadlines, instead of piecing together a hodgepodge of case notes, medical criteria, and treatment plans, from many sources. Work efficiencies can ease stress leading to burnout.

PRS™ walks staff through the collection of:

  • patient demographics
  • turnaround time requirements
  • case review reasons
  • service periods
  • review level
  • peer-to-peer outreach, when needed
  • summaries and rationales
  • final decisions
  • reviewer attestations

In addition to simplifying & speeding data entry, PRS™

Stores case data in formats encouraging comparative analysis

Utilizes PUSH notifications to key staff for tracking time sensitive case reviews

Tracks peer-to-peer outreach attempts, and connections

Ranks all queued cases by time, reviewer, or case numbers

Is PRS™ secure and reliable?

PRS was refined and honed by meeting the real-world needs of our large base of clients.
This is the same service we use for managing all BHM client peer review services.

As a web-based, licensed, software service, PRS:

  • Helps BHM’s peer-to-peer call outreach achieve +80% connection rate
  • Stores medical necessity criteria for multiple locations
  • Standardizes data entry with dropdown menus
  • Encourages team collaboration across locations on complex reviews
  • Securely manages patient health information and doctor attestations for every case

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peer review management software
Raise Your Efficiency

What does PRS™ do for your review team?

  • Lowers data entry errors
  • Saves staff time running to a computer to check case updates
  • Ends IT hardware restrictions, encouraging full team input
  • Requires very little in-house IT support
  • Makes better use of Medical Director’s time
  • Integrates tons of case management tools into one, focused interface
  • Tracks key metrics for internal process improvement and compliance with standard, custom quality reporting

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