Healthcare is rapidly changing, and organizations will need to shift their operations to function more effectively in an atmosphere which emphasizes quality of care, data, and medical necessity.  Click to here to see how BHM can assist you in finding solutions and creating  programs that will ensure a healthy bottom line.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. From legislation to trends in care, it’s often daunting to stay on top of the changes. Payers can rely on professional development and continuous training for staff to help keep them up to date with change in medical c-suite

According to Healthcare Finance News, the 5 biggest trends impacting healthcare payers are:

  1. Increased pressure on profit margins and manual processes.

  2. Industry consolidation through diversified revenue sources (such as insurers partnering with health systems)

  3. States shifting Medicaid management to private sector managed care plans

  4. Increased popularity of accountable care organizations (ACOs)

  5. Importing of modernizing technology initiatives such as data collections or automation of processes

How can your organization keep on top of these changes? Training and education. These two factors are the key to success.  Here are 4 ways you can keep your staff up-to-do these major changes impacting payers:

  1. Frequent internal training on up-dated procedures and processes

  2. Continuing professional development

  3. Promoting organizational change and improvement

  4. Bring in external consultant to help train and educate your staff on big healthcare issues

  5. Measuring success