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Risk mitigation for acos Across America a change in the healthcare landscape is marked by the emergence of both public and private Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). In fact, the number of ACOs in the U.S. has grown from 64 in 2011 to 744 in 2015.

Hoping to shift the focus of the healthcare industry from volume to value, ACOs focus on increasing quality, reducing, cost and improving the patient experience. This focus is called the Triple Aim .

The Triple Aim strives to:

  1. Improve the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
  2. Improve population health
  3. Reduce the per capita spending on healthcare

But success among ACOs has been highly variable and a dominant ACO model that is consistently successful has yet to emerge. The ACO environment continues to undergo significant shifts. If you are looking to mitigate risk in your ACO take a look as the following tips:

  1. Understand key quality indicators. Know and understand the most critical quality indicators at play within the ACO environment.
  2. Align all staff at your organization on quality indicators and how their job impact the quality score.
  3. You cannot improve what you do not measure. Track key measures and make sur reports are reviewed frequently and are tied goals and improvement strategies.
  4. Focus on one critical quality goal or segment of the patient population to drive improvement.
  5. Facilitate an atmosphere of adaptability and innovation within your organization so that you can run multiple experiments on what specific actions drive improvements.
  6. Understand the importance of payment models
  7. Turn to an external resource (such as a consulting firm) to drill down into an improvement area allows for the following advantages.
  8. Track the heaviest utilizers in your patient populations and stress the importance of population health management data.

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