Have you registered for our opioid webinar? According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated $25 billion of U.S. healthcare costs was attributed to the abuse of painkillers—otherwise known as opioids. Up to 36 million people worldwide struggle with opioid addiction.

It is a real concern for health plans and the pharmacies and providers under their umbrella. How can your health plan read the warning signs within provider networks to prevent this addiction from the start and minimize the risk and cost impact to your organization? Our opioid webinar doesn’t just discuss the ways healthcare leaders are combating this challenging problem but it gives greater insight into the growing numbers of opioid-associated overdoses and deaths occurring throughout the United States.

Dr. John Milne, of Avnew Health, discusses the implications of opioid addiction on health plans.

Join Our Latest Opioid Webinar

Opioid webinars have emerged as a vital educational tool for healthcare organizations in their fight against the opioid crisis in America. These online seminars provide a platform for experts to share knowledge and insights on opioid addiction, prevention, and treatment strategies. They offer a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to stay updated on the latest research, regulations, and best practices for addressing this pervasive issue.

By attending opioid webinars, healthcare organizations can harness the collective wisdom of leading experts, gaining valuable information on the nuances of opioid addiction, the utilization of alternative pain management methods, and the importance of medication-assisted treatment. Furthermore, these webinars foster collaboration and networking among healthcare providers, enabling them to share their experiences and successful approaches in combating the crisis. Opioid webinars are instrumental in creating a well-informed and connected healthcare community that is better equipped to tackle the opioid epidemic effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase credibility of your health plan
  • Decrease incurred costs in your health plan
  • Use data to identify potential problem trends
  • Reduce abuse among patients

Don’t let opioid addiction negatively affect your health plan.

Recorded June 29, 2016 using an interview style format. Click the ‘play’ below to begin the 53 minute podcast. A PDF handout of key talking points will be posted on the webpage by the end of July 2016. Attendees will be notified.