Join BHM Healthcare Solutions and our distinguished speaker, Dr. Quionna Tinney, as she shares key insights and strategies to help you navigate and implement the upcoming CMS 0057-F regulation effectively. Dr. Tinney is a board-certified Psychiatrist with a fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and extensive experience in the field.

About This Week’s Webinar

Preparing and Implementing Requirements for the CMS Final Rule on Prior Authorization

  • Date & Time: June 19th, 11:00 am EST
  • Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Learn how CMS-0057-F is transforming healthcare policy and discover essential strategies to ensure compliance, avoid penalties, and improve patient care.

What You’ll Learn About CMS 0057-F

  • Why interoperability matters: Interoperability ensures that data moves easily, and sender/receiver understands information the same way.
  • Current vs. Finalized Prior Authorization Timeframes: learn detailed timelines you can use to prepare your team and staff to remain compliant with the new CMS rule.
  • Provide Concise & Compliant Denial Statements: Learn how to standardize the process of providing reasons for denials that members will help you remain compliant.

Why you should watch:

Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming CMS Final Rule 0057-F. Do you understand it and are you ready to be compliant, avoid penalties, maintain eligibility for government programs, and enhance patient care and operational efficiency in your organization? This webinar will help you be confident about your first and ongoing steps for a successful implementation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to adapt existing policies to comply with the new regulations
  • Uncover the goals and objectives behind CMS-0057-F
  • Identify which staff and departments will be impacted
  • Explore how the CMS rule is designed to enhance patient care
  • Gain access to essential resources for meeting implementation deadlines

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CMS 0057-F