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Opioid Use Before Surgery Increases Risk of Poor Outcomes

2018-07-30T12:30:47-04:00By |Behavioral Health Integration, Care Coordination, Clinical Analysis, Clinical Operations Improvement, Strategic Planning|

Massachusetts currently leads the nation in decreasing opioids prescription, according to a Blue Cross Blue Shield report cited by The Boston Herald. Blue Cross Blue Shield's survey illustrated 51 percent fewer opioid prescriptions written in Massachusetts  in 2017 than 2013; specifically, Bay State physicians wrote 193 opioids prescriptions per 1,000 Blue Cross-insured members. The national average is 394 per 1,000 members. The study, published in Preventive Medicine, analyzed data from over 1,000 Americans. In a survey, the researchers queried respondents' attitudes on needle exchanges, (where people can dispose of used syringes and get sterile ones), safe injection sites (where people can use drugs under medical supervision) and broader opinions on addiction.

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