BHM Healthcare Solutions RFA Waiver

BHM has North Carolina Waiver Success

On April 1st, 2011 the state of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in association with DHHS released a request for applications for 1915 b/c Medicaid Waiver Expansion.  The time frame for submission was tight, and the requirements stringent, causing many Local Management Entities to seek outside help from healthcare consulting firms.  “The submission process for LMEs was certainly complex and time intensive,” stated Mark Rosenberg, CEO of BHM Healthcare Solutions, “but recognizing the individual strengths of each LME and how they could be applied as positive attributes which met the requirements of the NC Medicaid Waiver is where our organization was able to excel.”  In the end the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services along with DHHS chose four LMEs for selection who exhibited that they met all regulatory and technical criteria, as well as industry standards for the administrative, clinical and financial operations of a Pre-paid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP).  Three of the four LMEs selected worked with BHM Healthcare Solutions throughout the application process, and all organizations who worked with BHM on the RFA Submission were chosen.

“To have a 100% success rate for application acceptance with every client that BHM assisted was phenomenal, and unprecedented from a healthcare management consulting firm standpoint” stated Danyell Jones, Director of Customer Solutions at BHM, who went on to say that “It is rare to be able to participate in a statewide initiative and experience such a clearly delineated success with 75% of the total chosen applicants receiving assistance from BHM.  We believe that all of the organizations that we worked with were excellent candidates for participation in the Waiver program.  Each of them had unique individual structure, goal, and set of strengths.  It is to these organizations that we give credit for successful Waiver inclusion, but it is the great honor of BHM to have been able to work with so many exceptional groups and highlight their attributes in a way which assisted them in being chosen to participate in the Waiver initiative.”

 As stated, BHM credits the individual organizations that it assisted with Waiver inclusion, but also feels that it is a testament to the consulting firm that it was able to work with many different groups on a large and difficult project and get positive results for each and every one of the clients served.  Much of our internal credit should be given to BHM project leads Jennifer Terney, and Connie  Smith.  “Jennifer, who understands all aspects of MCO operations is an expert when it comes to healthcare financial management, and Connie, who also understands all aspects of MCO operations, specializes in quality improvement,  both deserve special recognition in their involvement in this project,” stated Mark Rosenberg, “they really led the efforts of BHM staff members and shaped the unique approach that assisted our clients with successful submission.”