Summary: 10 helpful hints for Creating a Patient-Centered organization according to Mountain States Healthcare Alliance

How To Ensure Superior Patient-Centered Care

How To Ensure Superior Patient-Centered Care

Mountain States Healthcare Alliance has created a formula that works very well in achieving its goal of providing excellent patient-centered care, according to the Becker Report.

How To Ensure Superior Patient-Centered Care

As such, Mountain’s patient centered care formula consists of 10 helpful hints:

  1. All team members should be treated and considered as caregivers. This includes ancillary team members such as housekeeping, nutritional services and maintenance. Each staff member contributes to the success of a patient centered care model.
  2. Care is a continuous process. It shouldn’t be based upon one episode but includes all episodes encountered by the patient. It is the focus on the patient rather than the particular reason for their specific visit.
  3. Care should be customized for each patient and each episode or encounter. Patients should be treated as if they are special and therefore deserve their own customized plan of care.
  4. There should be open dialogue between the patients and the members of the care team. This dialogue should be two-way and each care giver should be apprised of any new information that affects the patient and the care the patient is receiving.
  5. The patient care environment should be peaceful and as stress free as possible. Sometimes the little things like lavender scents can make the patient’s experience more enjoyable and memorable.
  6. Patient’s families and friends should be included and considered an integral part of the healthcare team. Patients and families provide a support team for the patient and can assist mentally and emotionally. Additionally, families and friends may assist in communicating some of the medical issues and available treatments which affect the patient.
  7. Patient safety is key. Patient safety is a primary focus and Mountain makes every effort to make their patient safety initiatives visible to patients as well as their families and friends.
  8. Patient care should be transparent. There should be honest 2-way dialogue between the patient and the care givers. Patients should be given all of the facts to enable them to contribute to the healthcare decisions which need to be made.
  9. All caregivers should focus on what is best for the patient at all times.
  10. The patient should be the source of control for their care. Patients should not only be privy to the information regarding their care but involved in making the decisions which affect their care.

Patient centered care isn’t really a new concept but one that is certainly one area of focus for the Affordable Care Act. Sharing helpful tips that are already working makes the patient model seem not quite so scary. It shows that the concept can and is working.


We encourage any and all comments. What are you doing to create patient centered care? What have you tried that didn’t work? What do you think will happen to patient centered care after the election?

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