Current Healthcare Issues Infographic

There are many issues facing healthcare now as well as already proposed for the future.  Review our Current Healthcare Issues Infographic below

We are in the throes of Healthcare Reform aka the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. Provisions have effective dates from 2010 through 2015.  Are you ready for the healthcare insurance exchanges? Are you ready for value based purchasing? Are you familiar with the changes yet to come regarding Medicare/Medicaid?

Healthcare costs are rising at an astronomical rate.

Have you achieved HIPAA compliance?

Are you using social media in your healthcare marketing? Are you keeping up with the trends?

An infographic by the team at, offering accredited online degrees and healthcare resources for those seeking a degree or career in healthcare.

Healthcare Challenges

In 2012, the United States grappled with a myriad of healthcare issues that shaped the landscape of the nation’s healthcare system. At the forefront was the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a landmark legislation signed into law in 2010 but facing significant challenges in its execution. Commonly referred to as Obamacare, the ACA aimed to address longstanding issues within the healthcare system, particularly the lack of access for a substantial portion of the population. The law sought to expand Medicaid, establish health insurance marketplaces, and institute essential health benefits, with the overarching goal of providing affordable and comprehensive coverage to a broader segment of the American populace.

The implementation of the ACA was marked by logistical hurdles and a divisive political climate. The individual mandate, a key component of the legislation requiring individuals to obtain health insurance or face penalties, faced considerable scrutiny and legal challenges. The debate surrounding the mandate underscored the broader ideological differences regarding the government’s role in healthcare.

Beyond the ACA, the United States grappled with perennial healthcare challenges. Escalating healthcare costs continued to strain individuals, families, and the economy. Disparities in healthcare access and quality persisted, with marginalized communities often experiencing disproportionate barriers to care. Moreover, the nation faced ongoing discussions about the sustainability of its healthcare systems. An aging population, the rise of chronic diseases, and the imperative for innovative healthcare solutions were focal points in conversations about the future of healthcare delivery and outcomes.

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