Mental HealthThe number associated with mental illness in the Unites States are staggering, mind-boggling. The supply and demand for mental health services is completely off kilter. As we are aware, there is a national shortage of physicians, and an even shorter supply of psychiatrists. The need for mental health diagnosis and treatment is soaring, in part due to Medicaid expansion and in part due to the stigma which has been associated with mental health diminishing somewhat. Focus has shifted from treating just the body or mind to treating both in tandem. The problem is who is best equipped to treat both. Is it primary care? Is it behavioral health? Is it a joint effort? Will we begin to see more overlap between the disciplines? Will we see true mental health parity in which both disciplines are seen as equal in regard to reimbursement issues? How do we make both primary care and behavioral health more attractive to the Millennials, to entice to become expert in these fields?

Picture of Mental Health