BHM has been in business since 2002 and has successfully helped our clients manage claim denials to optimize profitability with our unique denial management processes. We will match our denial management models with the unique complexities of your organization to align with your organization’s culture and mission to provide increased efficiency and profitability. Click here to contact us today!

Health insurance claim denials could be causing your organization to lose a significant amount of revenue each year. An effective Denial Management strategy is one of the fastest ways to recoup lost revenue, and ensure that you are being paid for the care that you are providing.

Studies indicate that approximately 25-30% of healthcare claims are rejected or denied. This results in millions of dollars of lost revenue each year. The majority of these losses can be avoided by implementing our unique denial management process.


Denial Management

The truth is, most organizations are losing a significant amount of revenue through needless denials.  In fact, large healthcare organizations frequently lose millions of dollars per year due to ineffective denial strategies. We want to help show you how you can target denials with pinpoint precision, and put in place strategies that will lead to rapid, sustainable denial prevention.  Boost your bottom line, and improve your cash flow today by implementing expert strategies that our team has utilized to save clients millions of dollars.

The following white paper will:

  • Provide you with the basics you need to know to understand the causes of denials, and the financial impact
  • Give you targeted expert strategies to eradicate organizational denials by denial type
  • Provide you with step by step guidance on how to successfully navigate through the review and appeals process
  • Provide actionable strategies to begin turning your denials around, and boosting your cash flow today

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