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Unlocking the Power of Healthcare Case Management

2023-08-31T15:11:16-04:00By |Care Coordination, Lean Management, Operational Analysis, Utilization Management|

Nowhere is balance more evident than in the domain of case management, where the thorough examination of patient cases serves as the bedrock of informed healthcare decisions. Unlocking the power of healthcare case management requires optimizing both the efficiency of the process and the effectiveness of patient outcomes.

Streamlining Quality: Peer Review Management Services

2023-08-08T11:48:35-04:00By |Clinical Analysis, Lean Management, Utilization Management|

As healthcare institutions strive to deliver excellence, Peer Review Management Services have emerged as a critical tool for ensuring consistent quality and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This article explores the significance of peer review management services, their benefits, and how they streamline quality in healthcare organizations.

Transforming Healthcare Decision-Making with Healthcare Business Intelligence

2023-08-08T11:49:11-04:00By |Business Intelligence, Clinical Operations Improvement, Lean Management, Uncategorized|

The ability to gather, analyze, and derive meaningful insights from healthcare data has led to significant advancements in patient care and operational efficiency. Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing decision-making processes in healthcare institutions.

Asthma Management Costs: $80 Billion Annually To Breathe Easier

2018-01-16T21:13:15-04:00By |Big Data, Financial Analysis, Health Insurance, Lean Management|

Asthma costs the U.S. economy more than $80 billion annually in medical expenses, missed work and school days and deaths, according to new research published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. Healthcare leaders’ continuing efforts to alleviate the trending asthma management costs will have long-term benefits for patients and providers alike.

Health System CEOs Share ‘What Keeps Them Awake’ In Survey

2017-12-12T18:52:47-04:00By |Lean Management, Operational Analysis, Organizational Analysis, Population Health, Trends|

CEOs at hospitals and health systems are faced with increasing headwinds as they look to move forward in an uncertain environment. So what are the key issues and trends CEOs are facing? Deloitte interviewed 20 health system CEOs this year to find out. While none of the key themes emerging from our interviews have really changed since Deloitte last spoke with health system CEOs, the urgency certainly has. Instead of thinking about these issues in a futuristic sense, CEOs are ready to address and tackle them now. 

Margin Defense & Revenue Cycle Management: 8 Challenges

2017-07-04T19:58:23-04:00By |Big Data, Financial Analysis, Health Insurance, Lean Management|

Payers and providers connect, both formally and informally, through the reimbursement process. In past times, the relationships were stormy. Today, market forces push the need for better understanding of margin defense and revenue cycle performance. Streamlining internal operations addresses many of these new market demands. For example, patients demand higher value for care pushing more review of claims which push greater need for consistent documentation.  

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