Patient-Centered Focus Increases Revenue

A patient-centered focus will provide optimal care for the patient which will in turn drive revenue. Do you remember the movie “Field of Dreams”? The basic premise was if you build a stadium they will come. We can adapt this adage to healthcare as well. So many organizations become so focused on the bottom line and don’t realize that if patients aren’t satisfied, they will not return to your facility, they will relay their bad experience to all of their friends, and you will lose revenue.

12 Days of Obamacare

Summary: Keeping with the theme of the season, we thought it only fitting to create an article on the 12 days off Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act a.k.a Obamacare was enacted in 2010 with provisions becoming effective through 2015 and beyond. The goals of this legislation are to provide care which is affordable, accessible, accountable, coordinated, and of high quality while reducing healthcare spending. Following are the 12 days of Obamacare:

Transitioning From Volume to Value and from Quantity to Quality

The transitioning from volume to value and from quality to quality is at the moment a bit of a juggling act. Medicare continues to reimburse based on a fee-for-service basis which rewards based upon volume and quantity while simultaneously moving toward a payment system based upon value and quality. Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum trying to exist concurrently. Two different philosophies and mindsets with different goals are colliding

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