Summary:  Let’s discuss the ABCs of CARF accreditation. Who is CARF? Who is eligible for CARF accreditation? Why CARF? What are the benefits of CARF accreditation? How is accreditation achieved?

Who is CARF?

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Who is CARF international?

CARF accreditation is a non-profit independent organization which specializes in providing national/international accreditation for health and human services. National accreditation is recognition for achieving high standards of excellence.

Why should your organization choose CARF accreditation?

CARF provides fiscal savings from institutions such as financial, rating agencies, investment bankers and insurance carriers. Accreditation may provide a competitive edge over those organizations who are not accredited.

It provides peace of mind to consumers knowing they are dealing with an organization who is dedicated to providing quality care. Accreditation may also assist in reducing risk exposure especially for human resources, healthcare, governance and finance. Finally, CARF spans beyond the borders of the U.S. The full name for CARF is CARF international.

Is your organization eligible to achieve CARF?

Following is a list of organizational types which may qualify:

  1. Aging services
  2. Behavioral health
  3. Business and services management networks
  5. Child and youth services
  6. DME POS
  7. Employment and community services
  8. Medical rehabilitation
  9. Opioid treatment programs
  10. Vision rehabilitation services

How can CARF benefit your organization?

  1. Competitive advantage
  2. Greater communication
  3. Person-focused standards
  4. Accountability to financial institutions and referral agencies
  5. Efficient, cost-effective management
  6. Proof to governmental agencies as to the commitment to quality
  7. Guidance to management
  8. Marketing tool
  9. CARF support though their online resources

How does your organization become accredited?

  1. Consult with a CARF specialist
  2. Conduct a self-evaluation
  3. Submit an intent to survey
  4. CARF invoices organization
  5. CARF selects the survey team
  6. On site survey is conducted
  7. CARF renders a decision
  8. Submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
  9. Submit an annual conformance to a Quality Report (ACQR)
  10. Communication is maintained between the organization and CARF for the duration of the accreditation period.

For more information, please refer to the CARF website ( If you require assistance in achieving CARF or re-accreditation, please contact our CARF consultants. BHM Healthcare Solutions has as one of our areas of expertise CARF accreditation consulting.

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